Designing interactions, fashion, and the future of stuff. Working with code and form.

I am from California. I studied
Design | Media Arts at UCLA, and Interaction Design at CIID. I currently live and work in NYC.

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rhymeandreason1.0 (at)
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Robot-Vending Robot Vending Machine

The robot invasion never looked friendlier.


This vending machine is a robot. Or rather, this robot is a vending machine. It vends miniature toy robots.

This interactive piece combines the on-demand retail experience of vending machines with the whimsical sci-fi fear of a robot revolution.

How it works

Main electronics are Arduino microcontroller, and salvaged inkjet printer parts.

There is a working, hand-built component for recognizing coins.

The cardboard and duct tape stucture serves aesthetically as well as functionally, as the design is easily moveable and disassembled, for the purpose of being able to create spontaneous installations.

Closeup. Wind-up toy robots were hand painted for appropriate color palette. The vending mechanism was made from the track of an old inkjet printer.

The corresponding poster. Generated with Processing to truly create a robot army of thousands.