Designing interactions, fashion, and the future of stuff. Working with code and form.

I am from California. I studied
Design | Media Arts at UCLA, and Interaction Design at CIID. I currently live and work in NYC.

Email me at:
rhymeandreason1.0 (at)
I also have a blog, and you can find me on Twitter @rhyme_andreason.

Design Action Figures

A new level of design identity

Have you ever pondered how many things are designed by designers to be enjoyed, most solely, by other designers? How much of our design enterprise is essentially self-referential? And why do we counsciously and unconsciously collect design-y items because they are design-y and to designate ourselves as design-y?

And so, with the current craze of "designer toys" on the market, I introduce these Design Action Figures, that exemplify a selection of our best self-branding efforts and the peculiar obsessions found within each profession.

3D versions coming soon...