Designing interactions, fashion, and the future of stuff. Working with code and form.

I am from California. I studied
Design | Media Arts at UCLA, and Interaction Design at CIID. I currently live and work in NYC.

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wearable windpower

collaboration with Jennifer Kay
Dandelion is a wearable that captures energy from wind and human movement. It is a structure of miniature windmills that embraces the wearer.


Inspired by the theme of climate change, this piece explores ideas of personal, mobile power generation and kinetics. It is fashion that creates an interface between nature, technology, and people.

When walking or standing outside on a windy day, the windmills turn. Small individual power generating circuits transfer the rotational energy into usable voltage. In this prototype, the power generated turns on white LEDs, but the energy could be used to power mobile devices or stored for later use.

The windmill circuit consists of a dc motor + joule thief + white LEDs

Additionally, Dandelion was made with 99% salvaged materials.


"Sustainable Luxury" Elle Inside Design Amsterdam, Netherlands. September 2010

THEKEY.TO: Fashion and Sustainability Exhibition. Berlin, Germany. July 2010

Press & Publications

forthcoming: Functional Aesthetics, edited by Sabine Seymour. Nov 2010

forthcoming: Green Design, Braun Publishing.

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