Designing interactions, fashion, and the future of stuff. Working with code and form.

I am from California. I studied
Design | Media Arts at UCLA, and Interaction Design at CIID. I currently live and work in NYC.

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a heirloom lightbulb

Handmade in crocheted cotton and formed over a conventional lightbulb shape, LACE invites reinterpretation of the minimalism of a bare bulb.

If we are now buying light bulbs that will last years instead of being quickly replaced disposables, we should consider giving more appreciation for the lightbulb as an object.

While drawing upon antique craft, LACE exploits and exemplifies the flexibility of LED technology. Current approaches to LED light bulbs involve packing LEDs to look similar to incandescent bulbs, yet the low heat dissipation of LEDs does not require them to be incased in glass. So, it is possible to design lighting with soft materials that would otherwise pose a fire hazard. Knit fibers also diffuse the harshness of LEDs well, and provide a softer, more organic glow. Retaining the universal lightbulb base, though, is an advantage, as it allows any existing lamp to be converted into an LED lamp.