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Jul 24 / mary

TYPEFACE, Alpha Release

It’s July now, so this project has taken far too long. I got busy with a dozen other things I had to do, and I’ve been in 6 cities in the last month. But I finally have a release-able version of the TYPEFACE project! Hooray! The upcoming Siggraph conference in LA gave me initiative to get this done. (FYI, using events as deadlines works quite well for personal projects.)

So, I actually added some GUI elements. And the pen stroking is quite fun, although a bit glitchy. (sometimes when the curves cross over the fills get weird.)

The most noticeable improvement is that there is a space for typing a note, and seeing how generating type this way could potentially be useful. It’s very sparsely developed right now…The main limitations being that I haven’t made punctuation or capital letters yet, but also there’s no word wrapping or things you normally have with a word processor app. If anyone has some good text formatting code they would like to share, please do!

I’ve also put this project up on it’s own domain:
Visit the site for downloading! I have versions for mac and windows, although the windows is untested. I’ve tested the mac version on a few macbook pros running Leopard, so I don’t know if it works on other types. Please let me know if it works/doesn’t work on your machine.

And if it works, please send me the exported files at: rhymeandreason1.0 (at) gmail
The software will save out both .pdf exports for printing as well as .jpg screencaps. Please send both if you can :D
(I tried putting a direct upload to web in the app, but it was buggy.)

The source for Processing is included in the download, if anyone wants to see the code. Warning that the code is really messy…I’ll go back and clean some of it up later when I put a real source download up.

Also, I think I will be migrating this to C++ some point soon, because it just makes more sense for the camera vision stuff. Perhaps when Apple announces an iPad with a camera, that will be my deadline. :/
There are other projects that I’m working on right now that are, arguably, even more interesting? I should keep this updated better.

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